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Online or in-person, we provide expert accounting, tax, bookkeeping and technology services across the country. Unmatched convenience and expertise to handle any unique tax situations and scale your business.

Services Tailored for You and Your Business

At Long Island Tax Resources, we don’t believe in simply giving general, one-size-fits-all advice. We believe that giving deep-level analysis and guidance specific to your unique circumstances brings more value, and when you succeed – we succeed. We’re a boutique firm who assist our clients in managing and growing their businesses on a much deeper level than the ordinary accountant’s office.

Business Formation & Licensing

Get your business set up the right way – and quickly – with our business formation experts. We can also help you with all county and state licensing applications.

Corporate Accounting

When your business starts to grow and you need accurate insight into your financial position, your monthly writeup just won’t do. You need a trusted partner to be on hand for you at all times.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

You and your staff should stay focused on running and growing your business, not on data entry. Let us take care of it for you – we offer tailored packages so you only pay for the services that you actually need.


We can help you track, prepare, and file your returns on time and accurately. Tax preparation services include sales, employment, corporate, trust and estate, and gift, across the US.

Technology & Workflow

Leverage technology and tools to enhance your business operations and financial management. Selecting, configuring, deploying and training on the right systems is essential for any modern business to grow.

Digital Marketing

Lead generation, social media, web presence, SEO, oh my. Before spending your hard-earned revenue, it is critical to have a digital marketing strategy and the right team to execute it already in place.

Accounting Software

We cover all the major accounting software systems, from all version of QuickBooks Desktop and Online, Zoho Books and Xero, to the many versions of Sage. 

We perform migrations and conversions between all systems, in addition to the Paper to Digital switch! Let us form your strategy and guide you through the process, providing the training and support you’ll need along the way.

HR & Payroll Systems

No two payroll systems are built the same, but they all promise a seamless integration with your accounting platform – and seemingly, that’s just never the case. 

We work with all payroll platforms and providers (and even our own in-house full service option too), and make those integrations and connections work perfectly for your business. ADP, Zenefits, Gusto, SurePayroll, QuickBooks Payroll, GoCo – you name it, we’ve configured it. 

Ready for HR digitization and simplified labor compliance? Our consultants analyze your business, determine specific needs and requirements, and manage the entire process of selecting, configuring, implementing and training your staff on it’s regular usage. One size does not fit all – leverage our experience implementing and supporting dozens of systems to avoid costly and unnecessary migrations later.

Our Amazing Clients

Our featured clients demonstrate our favorite industries – Franchising, Medical and Health, Wellness and Beauty, Public Relations and Marketing, local trades contractors and small businesses owners.

Payment Processing Solutions

Sending and receiving money isn’t just picking a tool to handle money movements. Organizations benefit most from establishing internal controls and workflows early on – even if it’s only an office of two or three.

Choosing the right systems early on and configuring them to get the most out of the platform is essential to scaling any business. Whatever your business model is, we will identify and set up the best option for you. 

Stripe, Square, Bill.com, PayPal, QuickBooks Payments and others are feature packed solutions with the ability to perfectly integrate back to your books, for seamless recordkeeping through basic automation. 

Operational System Experts

We work with many point of sale systems for various clients, as well as service work order management, resource planning, inventory management, document management and other essential technologies with critical impacts to accounting and operational systems. Modern systems can do much of the heavy lifting by choosing the best platform and fully configuring it for your specific need.

Our experience spans across industries and platforms. Our consultants regularly attend software developer official training courses and events to stay up to date on the latest features and best practices for our clients businesses.

Web & Marketing

No business system is complete with consideration of web presence and digital marketing. Our work focuses on utilizing the abundant tools across the web to formulate and execute a digital marketing strategy without breaking the bank. 

Learn from our experience in developing a holistic, all-encompassing and highly efficient marketing system, leveraging your ad spend to the max. Before spending a dollar on Google, Facebook/Instagram, Yelp, NextDoor or Microsoft Advertising CPC campaigns, it is critical to ensure the rest of your system is ready.

Ready to get serious about your business?

With a focus on taxes and accounting, let’s work backwards and get your business systems running the way you need.

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